Let’s Talk Book Clubs

Book Clubs.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Are you in a book club?  I have been in one since October of 2011 and I love it.  We meet once a month and talk about one book that we’ve all voted on and (hopefully) read.

einsteinWhen I was pregnant with Ben, I got hooked on the midday connection book club on moody radio.   I fell in love with it because these books were not necessarily “christian” fiction.  They were classics and non-fiction and it was wonderful to hear others talk excitedly about reading.  At the time, we lived in Kokomo but then we moved and now I listen to it online.  I don’t always read those books (I think I’ve read 12 of them)…although a lot of the time I read the book after hearing the discussion.

reader's digest

Midday Connection is starting another book club and it is one where the listener gets to pick.  There are three options and you can vote and the winner will be announced on the 28th.  All three books are christian fiction and so I am interested to hear the discussion and all three books I think I’d enjoy reading.  So, if you’re interested, go and vote and then tell me which one you voted for and then I’ll let you know which I chose 🙂

Meanwhile, you can find me here.


Ok.  Not really.  I’m kind of scared of dogs.  And this isn’t my house.  And I’m actually in the kitchen washing a TON of dishes.  true story.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Book Clubs

    • You should try listening to the online book club sometime. You might enjoy hearing about the book more than reading it. Or try audio books. Of course, if you just don’t like books that is ok, too….I’m not sure how you survive day to day…but it is ok 🙂

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