The Kids Said That

William was changing the light bulbs downstairs.  Alex asked him if he was going to change the ones upstairs?
William told him, “Yes Alex but I can’t be both upstairs and downstairs at the same time.”
Alex muttered, “Excuses. Excuses.”


Alex asks me a question and I give him a mumbled response.  His reply?
“Is that a yes or a perhaps?”


The other day we were getting ready to go to the library for story time and I helped Emily up into her car seat.
Emily:  Cinderella is in her carriage!  Let’s go to the Princess Library!


The Lego Movie–it has great one liners.  Just ask Emily.
Out of no where…Emily:  I think I heard a whoosh.


We’re getting ready to eat supper and I’m setting the table.
Ben: That’s not a lot of ketchup
Me: I have more.
Ben: Well, at least you’re prepared.


The other day Alex got stuck in a friend’s bathroom.
The door was an old solid wood door that has a deadbolt and a hole where a skeleton key used to go.
They never lock it because it is really hard to open.
After my friend’s husband tries for about 15 minutes to get Alex to turn the deadbolt the correct way, there is a pause of silence.
“Alex are you still trying to turn it,” he asks.
Alex responds with, “Who’s out there?!” I die laughing. And then Alex has an idea…”Maybe a key would work?”


I drop Alex off at school.
Me: Later tater.
Alex: Later pickle.


The joys of Emily at her first t-ball practice:
1. She’s playing catch with another girl and the ball goes into the outfield. Emily goes after the ball but comes back with a dandelion instead which she gives to the coach.
2. She shows off her princess mitt to her new friend and the girl makes Emily’s day by responding with a breathless wooooooooow.
3. The coaches have asked the kids to gather around and they are discussing something, but Emily tries to get their attention. “Coach, coach, coach, coach, hey coach, hey coach, coach, coach.”
He finally says, “Yes Emily?”
“I don’t have a bat.”


Going upstairs to put the kids to bed, Emily wants daddy to run up them while holding her.
He tells her that he can’t because his knee hurts.
Ben pipes up and says, “Welcome to my world.”
Our seven year old thinks he has knee problems.
as if.


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