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I wasn’t going to participate this week, but then Ben’s teacher retweeted an article of the top 100 children’s chapter books.  His teacher has read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlotte’s Web to the class this year.  Last week, I was in line to pick Ben up from school and he was standing there waiting and reading a book.  He has been a late bloomer when it comes to reading so that totally made my day.  I was excited to see the list of chapter books so that I can suggest books for him to read this summer.  And, I’ll admit, I love them, too.

So the category this week that I chose was the top ten children’s chapter books to read if you liked the movie(This category could also be called the top ten ways to annoy my husband.  It is a pet peeve of his when we’re watching a movie and I mention how it is different from the book.  I try not to, I really do.)  Please don’t think I’ve read every book on the list.  These are just my ten favorites that I’ve read AND watched the movie.

#10.  Mary Poppins–the book was ok but I love the movie.

#9.  A Wrinkle in Time–the movie is ok but I love the book.

#8.  Little House on the Prairie–I read the books when I was younger and watched the tv show here and there when I was older.  For those of you that love the show, please don’t hate me.

#7.  The Indian in the Cupboard–the book is SO much better than the movie.

#6.  The Tale of Despereaux–great movie.  great book.

#5.  Harry Potter–I didn’t like the movies until I read the books.  I don’t know why.

#4.  Because of Winn-Dixie–Loved the movie.  Read the book a few years ago and became obsessed with children’s chapter books.

#3.   Johnny Tremain–I remember watching this in sixth grade, maybe?  I read the book recently and I still love the story.  Great historical fiction.

#2.  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe–One of the best book series ever.  This could have been #1 if I didn’t like the Anne movies so much.

#1.  Anne of Green Gables–Growing up, this was my most favorite movie Ever.  Ok it was tied with Newsies.  But the books are so so wonderful.

Have you read any children’s books and loved the book and the movie adaptation, too?


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