Random Pictures…although not really since they are all mine and are all from my camera.

They’ve never had so much fun fishing….and I’ve never been so grossed out.

I went with Alex on his field trip to the fire station.  Always a fun time.

Emily and her Hello Kitty birthday party.  She’s already talking about her Doc McStuffins bday and how she’ll be turning 5–in 11 months time.

I’ve spaced it and totally failed on the kids’ preschool snacks this year.  I vowed to make it up to them for the month of May.  This was Emily’s snack….

…And she took these to drink.

When your child gets a hold of your camera, you get this picture.

And this picture.

and this picture.

If you can’t go to Europe, shop at Kroger.  (I’ve had swiss chocolate.  This says it is a “swiss bar” but it just isn’t the same.)

I had to tell Emily that if she wasn’t done with her sucker her tap shoes were not the place to keep it until later.  I guess that’s not common sense to a 4 year old.

I also had to tell her that her green marker is for paper NOT the piano keys.  Again with the common sense.


10 thoughts on “Random Pictures…although not really since they are all mine and are all from my camera.

  1. These are awesome! Tad’s wondering about the mass catch of fish. I was laughing at your grossed out comment. I shook my head at the sucker in the shoes and the green piano keys. And shook my head again at the preschool snack b/c I was that mom who hadn’t read her son’s papers after being with you all day last Tuesday and come Thursday morning, Andy presents papers. I’m like, “please don’t let me be first, please don’t let me be first.” It was me. 😦

    • Tell Tad not to get too jealous. We caught those at Julie’s pond and it is packed but they aren’t very fat at all…I think too many fish and not enough food to make them fat. And what happened with you and Andy’s papers–yeah, that’s been me all year long.

  2. Never ever leave a under 10 year old with a marker or the availability of such. It’s like bees and flowers–they just can’t help themselves

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