one thing I love about large cities…

…is people watching.  give me your weird, your random, your quirky, your hilarious.

typical tourist

me back in the day. being a typical tourist and taking a photo with a mime.

So the past few days in my small town, my husband and I have seen three “big city” sitings and it has made me smile.  and make me wish we had cell phones with cameras.

#1.  My husband makes an evening run to the gas station.  He tells me that while he’s inside paying, he notices two odd-looking fellows.  One is kind of short and hunched over and the other is strangely tall.  They all walk outside about the same time and William notices them leaving–not in a car–but one of them on an old grandma bike and the other on an extra-tall unicycle.

#2.  Two men of a certain faith that go around witnessing door to door.  Although, when we drove past them they weren’t knocking at a door but rather were talking to/following/stalking an elderly man who was pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair.

#3.  We stop at a stop sign.  A girl crossed the road in front of us on a skateboard whilst playing a ukulele.

Oh I wish I had pictures to share.  Aren’t people just so interesting??!!


10 thoughts on “one thing I love about large cities…

  1. I love people watching! I could go to the mall or anywhere for that matter and just sit and watch people! The other day I was in Portland and I saw a man at a gas station who had driven his lawnmower there to get gas.
    My other obsession close to this category is using public restrooms and checking out the women’s feet in the other stalls lol! I pay most attention to them when they have sandals or flip flops on….there’s some weird & interesting women’s feet out there. Like one time the woman’s pinky toe was on top of her next toe. I’ve taken a few pictures before and considered making a Facebook page or blog dedicated to women’s restroom stall feet lol! I’ve been reluctant in doing so thinking it’s maybe too weird or I’m too weird, I don’t know lol!

  2. Okay, Facebook is the essential tool for those of us who are voyuers, but not in a bad way–just a bit nosey about our friend’s friends. I have to say it would be weird to see an exhibition of “Restroom Stall Toes” but in todays world may just make you a million bucks. Good luck and get a waiver for those willing to share their toes. You might not want to share your millions;)

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