Top Ten Favorite Places To Read

top ten tuesdayhosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week was a pick your own category so I just looked through the list of categories of days gone by and chose one.  (sidenote:  my computer has been really slow and then we got it fixed (ok just cleaned) and now it seems to be working much better!  yay!  I’ve missed blogging.)

Top Ten Favorite Places To Read…Or…first ten places that I can think of that I read. Because really, where wouldn’t I read??

10.  Bleachers at a ball game

9.  In the bathtub

8.  Ahem…on the toilet

7.  The doctor’s office waiting room

6.  My backyard in the shade

5.  The car line at school pick-up/drop-off

4.  The car on a long trip

3.  The couch

2.  My bed

1.  The beach


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