Let’s Browse, Shall We?

Lovely.  Interesting.  Funny.  Things that have caught my eye recently.


amsterdam!via Isabella & Max Rooms

I love traveling and one day I will do more than my current life situation allows.  I desperately want to visit Holland.  My ancestry is dutch which would explain why I love things like tulips and gouda cheese, right?<netherlands.  Is a joke funny if you have to explain it and add a sarcastic font?)

I saw this post about a blogger’s spring break trip to Amsterdam and some surrounding areas.  The photos are simply beautiful.  I cannot lie…the photos of tulips and bikes make me a little teary eyed.  10 months until our next spring break.  I better start filling up the penny jar.


001I’m always impressed by people who can dance since I am, to put it mildly, dance challenged.  This group of dancers are wow-amazing.  I’d say my four year old has a lot to learn.


“What you need to know about mommy is that she’s not really a crowd person. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will gladly mill about with thousands of confused, crying families struggling to hold onto their last threads of sanity, but until then, we will avoid those types of situations together.”

A mom blogs about why she would never take her kids to Disney.  Maybe I agree with her?  I’m thinking, “I make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.  That should be enough.”  Ok ok, honestly, I would love to take my kids to Disney sometime in the near future.  But this article had me cracking up! (and seriously questioning my sanity.)


Do you want to visit Amsterdam?  Have you been?  Do you know how to dance or have a strong stance on visiting Disney?  The answers to these questions determine whether I can continue to be your friend or not.<<again with the sarcastic font.


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