Top Ten Favorite Classics

top ten tuesday medium

(hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

This week the category is your top ten favorite classics….yay!  I love love love the books below.  Here are my favorites.

10.  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A thriller of a story if ever there were.

index9.  David Copperfield

I read the reader’s digest condensed version in junior high and fell in love with the classics.

david copperfield8.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin

I read this in high school and can remember being captivated by the story.

uncle tom's cabin7.  The Chronicles of Narnia

Seven wonderful stories full of magic and power and, ultimately, love.

chronicles of narnia6.  To Kill a Mockingbird

Heartbreaking but so so so good.

to kill a mocking bird5.  Pride and Prejudice

Jane and Mr. Bingley and Lizzie and, need I say it?…Mr. Darcy.

pride and prejudice4.  Les Miserables

The more you read the more miserable it gets.  But it is Such a gripping tale!

les miserables3.  Persuasion

I loved Anne Elliott and mourned the loss of her true love and then kept reading to see if she’d get her happy ending.

persuasion2.  Jane Eyre

If ever there is a tale of true life.  Jane’s life starts out hard, seems to get easier, and then she gets knocked down about as low as one can get.  But she never wavers in what she believes and knows is true.  And I loved her for that.

jane eyre1.  The Count of Monte Cristo

This book has dozens of different stories all woven together.  It was a challenging read and I may have even been tempted to write a list of characters so I could keep them all straight.  But I LOVED it and may have even read instead of socializing with my friends (sorry Bekah!).  There is no one like the Count.  If you’ve seen the movie, it tells about 10% of what is in the book.  If you like classics even a little bit and haven’t read this, please please do so!

the count of monte cristo

 Did I mention any of your favorites or do you have an entirely different list?


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