School Pictures

Her last first day of preschool.  Kind of impossible to wrap my mind around that fact.


His first day of Kindergarten.  The first few weeks were a little difficult.  Monday mornings were very hard to get back into the routine.  There was one instance where I went to eat lunch with him and he was bawling when I left.  Being a mom is a hard job sometimes.  But things are looking up.


And his first day of second grade.  Second grade brings a lot of new changes.  A classroom with all new faces.  A teacher very different than the ones he’s had in the past.  After some very rough days, he is adjusting.  It is taking a little longer for mom.  I know he will grow a lot this year academically.  I am also learning the difference between choosing joy versus just being happy.  I am thankful he has great friendships built over the past few years.  I am thankful he is at a good school.  I am thankful he has such a gracious heart.


How is school going for  your children this year?


2 thoughts on “School Pictures

  1. SUCH a sweet post!

    So sad about your sweet Kindergartner crying when you left – that’s brutal!

    Thanks for the heads-up for Emitt next year in Second Grade 😉

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