My husband comes home from Ben’s soccer practice. He tells me he was doing a little small talk with another dad and come to find out this guy’s neighbors work next to my husband at his job. #smalltown

Then they talk further and this guy works with the boyfriend of a friend of mine. In fact, this guy’s wife grew up friends with my friends’ boyfriend’s family. Did you follow that? whatever. #smalltown

So we got to talking about how that never would have happened in the town he grew up in. He could have gone to the Meijer 7 days out of the week and Never run into someone he knew. Don’t get me wrong…it might happen on occasion. But in the town we are living in now, it is impossible to go to wal-mart (because we don’t have a meijer) without running into AT LEAST FIVE people that you know…every. single. time. #smalltown

Then my husband tells me how it is so crazy because he’ll drive home from work and see one of the baggers from Kroger in Ossian (the little town just north of us) riding his bike. And he wonders, “What’s he doing in Ossian on his bike? Will he make it to work on time?”
And then he says how he sees the guy from Wendy’s all of the time around town. And I say, “The guy whose mom is from Australia?” And he says, “Yeah that’s the one.” #smalltown

I said that you know you live in a small town when you actually see someone at a different place of employment than where they used to work. Yes. You actually notice when a stranger changes jobs. #smalltown

Then. Out of nowhere, my husband asks, “Do you think we’ll know everyone?”
And I say, “Like when we get older…will we eventually know everyone in Bluffton?”
And he says, “No, like in heaven. I’m sure we’ll know everyone but will we have to say Hi?”



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