Help Wanted

help wanted

The 31 days of blogging challenge is coming up in October (You blog about one topic every day in the month of October).  I had a blast last year with my 31 Interviews so I’d love to write again for 31 days straight.  But what should I write about?? I’m asking all of you for advice. Leave a comment with what you think I should write, or what you would like to read, or even what you wouldn’t want to read…..basically any advice I will willingly accept 🙂

I am not promising to choose from the suggestions given, but who knows maybe I will. Or maybe one of your suggestions will give me an idea. If that happens, I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due. Ok—shout out your thoughts in the comments!!

And also, maybe you should take up the challenge, too–I’m talking to you Sarah and Rachel and Bekah and Amy and Emily 🙂


8 thoughts on “Help Wanted

    • you’re right. I did vow to never interview another person in this lifetime. What I love is going back and rereading about everyone–so that’s my honest moment #1 😀

      31 personality tests!!! That sounds like so much fun! Maybe next year 🙂

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