Summer Picture Explosion

Since it is fall and before it becomes winter, here are some of my favorite pictures from this past summer and start of the school year.  all unedited.  because, really, I’m no photographer.  And no amount of time on picmonkey is going to make you think otherwise.

needtobreathe concert.  such a good time.004

boy scout day camp.  I went a couple of days.  It made me want to be a boy scout.  I may have partook in the bb shooting contest.015

 obligatory photo at the zoo.004

foam party.  fun was had by all some.


tball trophies.  no they didn’t “win”.  But those smiles deserve some sort of prize, right?003004

hanging out at cousin allie’s wedding shower.010

Fun at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  We walked through these no less than 10 times.  but we did it very slowly.  so they couldn’t yell at us.019

THE BEACH!  oh how I miss it.  it is almost too painful.019

we visited an ice cream parlour whle on vacation.  i agree wholeheartedly with this saying that was flying above our heads.  truer words have never been written.039

the boys at the kids’ triathlon.  ben really improved his time this year.  so proud of them both.013

Ben turned 8.002

Ben and his buddies on his birthday.015

My niece’s wedding.  The kids clean up pretty well.010

oh em.020

school started far too soon!008

Emily didn’t like that she had to wait a few weeks after the boys to go to school.  The first day brought pure delight to her face.008

Alex turned 6!003

he celebrated at the bowling alley with some friends and family.012

we read close to 100 books in two days so that emily could ride in the street fair parade.  during the parade someone in the crowd cried out, “there go the smart kids!”  I replied, “Nope just a bunch of overachieving parents!”006

em’s favorite ride.022

the ride that i forced my children to ride without me (b/c I hate it).  they all begged to go again.012

And so farewell summer of 2014.  It was a great one!


2 thoughts on “Summer Picture Explosion

  1. This is SUCH a great post – enjoyed the snapshot of your summer

    I’m a picmonkey girl too 🙂 and yeah that was so funny about what that women yelled out during the parade 🙂

    CUTE kids!

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