31 days: Media Memories

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Welcome to my 31 day writing challenge.

Scroll down to read more.  I’ll be adding a link to each day as it goes live–starting Oct. 1st.

Day 1:  a literal sleeping beauty

Day 2:  germs was the dog I always wanted

Day 3:  fishing for lake trout

Day 4:  believing takes practice

Day 5:  sure beats washin’ dishes

Day 6:  tradition.

Day 7:  thank you

Day 8:  not the magician

Day 9:  a competitive eleventh grader

Day 10:  oh happy day

Day 11:  running

Day 12:  charges dropped

Day 13:  patience, iago

Day 14:  I butle.

Day 15:  grisham

Day 16:  I want my father back.

Day 17:  blasts from the past

Day 18:  a sense of humour

Day 19:  pause

Day 20:  how do I look?  tall.

Day 21:  new egg

Day 22:  sandwich welfare

Day 23:  book club

Day 24:  my huckleberry friend

Day 25:  wait and hope

Day 26:  needtobreathe

Day 27:  i heart snape

Day 28:  spanish house white

Day 29:  funky bones

Day 30:  you’re not alone

Day 31:  three meals a day

Trying to come up with a topic to write about for 31 days in a row is no easy task. Having a blog like mine that has no random purpose (other than an outlet to let me blab without being interrupted) does not make it any easier.  This will be my 2nd year to take part in Nester’s 31 day challenge.  My topic last year was a definite challenge.  I wanted to try a theme this year that would be a little easier since the task of writing for 31 days straight is challenge enough for me!  So I asked for help and received encouragement and a handful of fun ideas. I picked a topic–changed my mind–and then changed my mind back.

So.  I’m combining my love of top ten lists, movies, books and music.  And I’m going to write about some of my favorite memories for 31 days straight–one for each day in October.  I hope you’ll find it interesting or entertaining or maybe even funny.  And maybe you’ll learn a little something about me you didn’t know.  And maybe I’ll introduce you to a new song or tempt you to watch a new movie or introduce you to a new book and you’ll end up loving one of them as much as I do.

Thank you, as always, for stopping in.  “The Best Of.” party will start on October 1st.  See you then!

31 days 2014


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