I want my father back.

Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014I was spending the weekend with my bff, Bekah, and we were on a youth group canoe trip. There are many funny stories of Bekah and me canoeing together. Let’s just say that I’m not the best paddler (or is it rower? I think it is paddler. My mother is now rolling her eyes that I don’t know the difference.) and we often would go down the river in a zig zag pattern.

I heard once that if you are being chased by an alligator/crocodile that it is best to run in a zig zag pattern because they can’t follow you that way. So I guess if Bekah and I are ever being chased in the water by one of those reptiles, we will be just fine.

Anyway. It doesn’t help that sometimes after concentrating very hard on getting our paddling down to a perfect science that I would look at Bekah and see that her paddle was dragging in the water because she was distracted by the scenery. I developed a lot of patience on these trips…and really strong biceps and triceps.

There is another story of a boy who wanted to tip us over and that ended up with him being embarrassed beyond words (and he was a talker). There is also another story of me trying to decide whether to save Bekah or our paddles as they were going in two different directions. Spoiler: I chose to save Bekah.

But really what I wanted to say is that all of these memories come back to me every time I watch the movie The Princess Bride.

the princess brideIt was on a canoe trip that I watched this movie for the first time. A large group of us were on a charter bus and we were watching The Princess Bride while traveling to the river where the day’s fun would begin. I had never seen the movie before and I was immediately captivated by this wonderful story of love and high adventure. And then came the scene where Inigo Montoyo fights the six-fingered man.

You know the scene.

And this is what I heard while watching with my hands gripping the edge of my seat.

“My name is Inigo Montoyo. You killed my father. Prepare to die. My name is Inigo Montoyo. You killed my father. Prepare to die……”

“All that I have and more. Please. Anything you want.”

“I want my father back you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!”

It seems that everyone on the bus, except for me, had seen the movie before. Shwew. Close one.


5 thoughts on “I want my father back.

  1. Another great movie reference! This is a favorite of mine too, though when I was younger lots of parts scared me. (Same with Clue – I was easily well into my teens before I realized it wasn’t a horror movie that my family was forcing on me.)

    “Stop rhyming, and I mean it!”
    “Anybody want a peanut?!”
    Our favorite lines 🙂

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