how do I look? tall.

Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014My husband and I had been dating for less than a month and I took a three-week trip to London.  So there I was half way across the world in a place that I had dreamed of visiting for a very long time.  I was having a blast.  But I missed him.

When did you know that he was the guy you were going to marry?  People sometimes ask this question–even after 12 years of marriage.  It was while I was in London.  Maybe before–but I definitely had no doubt when I was away.  And I always think of the lovely Dean Martin song.

return to meAnd we both love the movie.  It is definitely one of my top 5 favorites.  It is funny and heart warming.  And it has some great music.  And it has Irish Italian food—what’s not to love?

And if William ever asks me how he looks…I usually tell him.  Tall.


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