sandwich welfare

Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014

Yesterday was the anniversary of when Carlton “Pudge” Fisk hit a walk off home run at the end of the sixth game in the 1975 world series.  This tied the series up between the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds at three games a piece.

Wow, Rachel–why the sports history lesson and why today and not yesterday?  Well, the home run was hit after midnight so, technically, it happened on October 22nd.  But don’t tell my husband that.  Every year on October 21st, he asks me–you know what today is?  And then precedes to tell me this story and also, by the way, it was the day his sister was born and his dad saw the game live right there in the hospital room.

Oh and yeah…it is the same game that Robin Williams’ character talks about in Good Will Hunting.  You know, the game he missed cause he had to go see about a girl.

Yes my husband tells me these stories every year.  Even though I do remember him telling me the same stories the year before.  But I still love him, regardless.  Or maybe I love him because of these stories.  I suppose eventually my memories will go…but maybe his will still be working and he can tell me the story again.  Or by then the kids will have them memorized and they can tell us.  Maybe they’ll even have all the movie quotes memorized because their dad is awesome at that, too.

Which brings me back to Robin Williams and the Pudge Fisk story.  Good Will Hunting.  One of the best movies and it has a top of the line cast.

Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben and Casey Affleck, Minnie Driver.

And the lines from this film:

how bout them apples?

my boys wicked smart.

chuck, I had a double burger.

I gotta see about a girl.


ya suspect.

ya know what the best part of my day is?  for about 10 seconds when I pull up to the curb and I get to your door.  Cause I think maybe I’ll get up there and I’ll knock on your door and you won’t be there.

I can’t remember them all–you’ll have to ask my husband for the rest.

And if you ever need someone to buy you lunch….well that’s called sandwich welfare.


2 thoughts on “sandwich welfare

  1. Question. “Where is the value in discussing one liners from a movie if the integrity of the movie is gone because of the use of “f bombs”? The story may be a good story, the actors may be good actors, but some one made the choice to use this “vocabulary” and the actors chose to act in this movie, for what, “to bring glory to God?” I am not sure that was the intent. Don’t lower your standards and beliefs to the level of Hollywood. As a child of God your calling is higher than this. Choose wisely. Love, Mom

    • So what you’re saying is that there are too many pits in this cherry pie? My goal for the past 22 days was to convey memories based on different media–this just happens to be one of them.

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