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Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014

I was living in Kokomo and working at an eye doctor’s office. On my lunch break, I would often drive the short distance home and I would listen to Midday Connection, a radio program that was on during the one o’clock hour. If it was something interesting, I would continue to listen to it at home….otherwise, I’d often watch Matlock while eating lunch. I know. What a life. I, too, am jealous of my 25-year-old self.

One day, I heard them announce that they would be doing an on-air book club and the next selection was Jane Eyre.  I was inspired by the guest on the show and her passion for reading really good literature.  I hadn’t read a really good book since I couldn’t remember when.  So, I went to the library and checked it out and then read it in two days flat.  I loved this book.  Unfortunately, I had to wait three months until they aired the discussion.  During that time, I read a few more books on their book club list and I read Pride and Prejudice (because the movie came out that year)…And I found out I was expecting our first child!

By the time Ben was born, I had become an avid reader again.  I even read him The Three Musketeers during the first month of his life.  I don’t know what you did to keep your sanity during the newborn stage when you’re all by yourself with a super tiny little person–but that’s what I did.

And so, eight  years later, I continue to listen to the radio program book club.  And about three years ago I decided to start a real life-in person book club.  It has been a lot of fun and I’ve read and loved books that I never would have picked on my own.  We haven’t yet read Jane Eyre, but maybe we will someday and I’ll be excited to see if others in book club will love the spunky and steadfastness of Jane as much as I do.

jane eyreGo here to check out Midday Connection’s on-air book club and their list of book recommendations.

If you live in my area and are interested in joining book club, let me know–we’re always happy to have new members!


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