you’re not alone

Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014This past March, I did an Art Assignment.  I blogged about the experience here.  At the end of my meet up with Emily, she gave me a cd of music.  It had some random songs, some songs from needtobreathe’s new album which had not yet been released, and some songs from a little band called Judah and the Lion.  A couple of weeks later I got a birthday package in the mail from another friend and she had sent me a birthday cd of some great music which happened to include….Judah and the Lion.

To say that I’ve enjoyed this new group’s music would be a gross understatement.  I’ve listened to these two cds so much over the summer that the kids have the song tracks memorized.  Ben loves track 19, Emily loves track 4 and Alex loves track 9.  And one day, I took Emily to the restroom and she was waiting for me outside of the stall.  I told her to stand against the wall and don’t move until I was done.  While I was finishing my business, I heard her outside singing, “When your backs against the wall, you’re not alone….”.


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