three meals a day

Welcome to 31 days of Media Memories.  If you’re scratching your head because you have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.

31 days 2014I love Christmas music and Christmas movies.  I usually start listening to Christmas music in October (unless you count that week in July).  And I admit that the Christmas movie watching starts pretty early in November.  We usually watch the Charlie Brown trilogy starting with It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown straight to Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and then a basic repeat of Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  When the kids give me a chance, I’ll throw in Elf, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Story and Miracle on 34th Street.  And then, I’m sure it comes as no surprise, that my favorite of all is a musical–White Christmas.  It has become tradition that I watch this movie while wrapping Christmas presents.  I love the songs, the jokes between Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye’s characters and the dancing.  I’ve always heard groans from the men in the family when I pull out this movie, but I’m hoping Emily will be on my side this year since she is a super duper number one fan of dancing.

And now, I would have so much more time for shopping and present wrapping if I could just get someone to make me three meals a day for which I didn’t have to pay.


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