Let’s Browse

I was compiling this list of randomness to share with all of you way back in the summer when the livin’ was easy and the air didn’t hurt my face.  Well, the weather has changed but I still think these are all worth sharing.  So here you go.


“books are like air to me.”  So maybe you’re not that crazy about books but you would like to read more than you do?  These tips might help.


Jerry Seinfeld to Kevin Hart.  “Would you rather be smart or loveable?  I’ve clearly made my choice.”

Have you seen CCC yet?  What. are.  you. waiting. for.?  The 5th season is officially up and running with a new episode every Thursday.  Don’t have time for the full 20 minutes?  Try one of the shorter ‘single shots’.


Nothing but the truth, my friend.  On motherhood: “Children arrive and blow through what used to be your routine. They huff and they puff and they blow your life down.”


ok not really the belly laughter that makes my eyes weep.  but more of the witty, unexpected, I don’t know why it is funny but it is.

Yes.  John Green makes me laugh.  video game celebration injuries.

MORE LAUGHTER…and more reading….!

Just because I don’t want to forget.  I like funny books, do you?  I’ve read 1,5,13,16,24.  I see a few on this list that I’d love to read soon.

AND…just because!

most things should end with good music, don’t you agree?


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