Movie Marathon

When my husband I were dating, we basically went to movies.  During the first few years of our marriage (before kids) whenever we had free time (which was all of the time), we basically went to movies.  When our first child was born and until he was about 18 months old, we basically went to movies.  the kid slept like a log and he was an easy easy baby.

Sidenote:  the summer before Alex was born, my husband and dad took Ben (who was nearly 2) to see Ironman while mom and I went to see a chick flick.  They got to the movie right before it started and had to sit up front with Ben in his stroller.  They said they just kept giving him popcorn while he stared at the screen with huge eyes.  Super duper parenting/grandparenting for the win!

Back to reality.

Our second child was born.  and he never slept.  bless him.  and then 19 months later our third child was born.  and I never slept.  and all of our extra income went to diapers.  hello 3 kids three and under.

029And so on our 9th wedding anniversary, we had this crazy idea.  Our anniversary is 4 days before Christmas and so it is really hard to do Anything that time of year.  What we proposed was on a Saturday around the time of our anniversary, we’d get my parents to watch the kids for the whole day and we’d go do what we love.  Watch movies all the live long day.  We asked.  They said yes.  We got online and checked out movie times and planned our schedule.  4 years later and it has become a tradition.

Now the kids are old enough that we can all go to a movie together and enjoy it.  But we don’t do it very much because it is oh my goodness expensive.  Which is ironic.  Because this year we got away for two whole days And we went a little crazy.  We (and by we I mean I) wrote down a few movies, planned the times and we (and by we I mean we and by we I mean my husband and I) watched six movies.  In two days time.  Crazy.  and fun.

movie timesSo this year we saw these:

The Hobbit part 3::very good

Exodus: Gods&Kings::not bad

Mocking Jay part 1::good–do I really have to wait another year?

Annie::cute and the songs–love.

Unbroken::very good

Interstellar::very good

If you’re looking for a decent movie, I’d recommend any of the above.  It was a good year.

And just for fun, William and I sat down and tried to think of what we’d seen in previous years.  Here’s the list with our favorites in bold for those that are curious.


Catching Fire, Anchorman 2, Saving Mr. Banks, The Hobbit 2


The Hobbit, Skyfall, The Guilt Trip, Jack Reacher


Tower Heist, Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, J. Edgar

Do you have any favorite movies from the lists above?  Or any favorite movie traditions?


4 thoughts on “Movie Marathon

    • I agree. It was awful. The best part of watching it is that the sound was off in the theater and it was super muffled half the time. They ended up giving us free tickets for another show of our choosing 🙂

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