Let’s Browse

Is  your heart in it? “I haven’t been to Italy because I’m raising three children.  And that’s my dream.”

I read this post on resolutions and reflections and not letting the present pass you by.  It was good for me.


Your personality::defined by your favorite children’s book series.

I’m a Hardy Boys/American Girl/Babysitter’s Club melting pot that = An idealist that loves her friends And watching Law&Order.  What about you?


Want to fall in love?  Ask someone these questions in one sitting.  Glad I could help.

Such an interesting article.  I think I’ll try it with William on our next date just to make sure.


I lost a month of my life to Gilmore Girls.  Have you binge-watched any of these?

And like I told my friend, Emily, it is Jess-Logan-Dean.


penny for your thoughts...

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