Kids Said That

I had typed these up back in June of last year.  I can’t believe I forgot to publish them!  Enjoy 🙂


“Time is the best thing to do when there’s work to be done.” ~Alex


Emily to Stephanie:  “I like your sound.”  (meaning her voice)


I see Emily with a batman toolbelt on and I ask her if she is batgirl.

“No, I’m just a regular criminal.”


The whole family goes to the grocery store (something we do about once year…I like to go by myself).  As we’re walking I hear William behind me say…”no touching things and don’t even THINK about licking anything.”  I think he stopped Alex just in time.  I didn’t ask and neither should you.


We see a boy that is on E&A’s tball team at the store with his dad.  I ask the kids if they remember the boy’s dad’s name.  Emily says…“ummm, Wilbur??”


At another trip to the store with the kids I run into a mom of one of my high school friends.  She looks at the kids and comments that they are 3 peas in a pod.  Emily says, “I’m not a pea!”  And the lady explains it just means that they all look alike.  Alex responds…“it is because of our eyes.”


While reviewing the first five books of the Bible, I tell the kids that all together they are called the Pentateuch and they are all written by one person.  I ask them if they know who wrote the first five books?  Alex:  “Jesus!”  Well no not exactly.  Alex:  “oh, right, Bekah!”  again. no.


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