My Reads::January 2015

jan2015My reads from January:

Most Favorite:  Lizzie (followed closely by Emily and Attachments).

Least Favorite:  The Accident

1.  Emily of New Moon::My husband got me the Emily trilogy for Christmas.  Written by the same author who gave us Anne of Green Gables, this book was nothing less than I expected.  I can’t say if I like Emily or Anne more but I am looking forward to reading the next two books.

2.  Isla and the Happily Ever After::My favorite part of this book is Isla’s name.  The last in a trilogy and the first book, Anna and the French Kiss, was my favorite.  So there’s that.

3.  The Accident::A mystery/thriller with a twist at the end that I didn’t catch on to as quickly as I normally do.  A bit too long.  Not bad/not good…it was ok.

4.  Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy::Loved this story.  Based on true events.  Heartbreaking, real, historical fiction.  Read it.

5.  Attachments::A re-read for book club.  Laugh out loud funny.

I’m also going to start sharing some of my favorite blogs (thanks to Rachel for this great idea!).  I’ve been searching around for a new favorite blog since YHL stopped writing last year.  Still mourning that loss.  Not sure I have a favorite, but I do love blogs that post every day.

These three I check regularly.

The Sugar Box

Modern Mrs. Darcy

The Handmade Home


4 thoughts on “My Reads::January 2015

  1. I love Attachments!

    I pushed through a couple of chapters of The Accident and just gave up for the time being. I was in a bit of a reading rut right then, but I think it would have felt slow no matter what. Does it pick up much after the initial chapters?

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