Right Now

This is what’s new.

Reading:  Whistling Past the Graveyard and Year of Wonders:  a novel of the plague.  Both good so far.

Listening:  Ed Sheeran.  on repeat.  maybe because it is Valentine’s week?

Watching:  Season 1 Episode 2 of Sherlock.  What has taken me so long?  I’m going to love this show.

Sewing:  This sewing machine cover.  What mine looks like right now.  I forced myself to use fabric on hand:

sewing machine coverIgnoring:  The dirty dishes in my kitchen.

Excited:  for our mom life speaker tomorrow.  When you’ve been in a mom group for 8 years (not possible!), it is exciting to hear a brand new speaker.

Planning:  summer vacation.

Amused:  By Emily.  always.  Especially when she secretly gets a hold of my camera.


Loving:  water aerobics class

Wishing:  for spring. and outside running.  and tulips.

What is new with you?


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