Romantic Comedy

Valentine’s Day.  People have really strong feelings about this holiday.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  Some could care less.  It makes some people happy, some people depressed, some people…..well you get the idea.

Confession Time:

One year in college, I got together with a group of single friends on Valentine’s Day to watch Moulin Rouge.  We declared it to be strictly a single ladies only event.  We had a friend that had a boyfriend that went to a college in another state and she wanted to join us.  I’m sure most of the girls would have said it was ok.  But not me.  Oh no.  If I make a rule, I expect it to be followed.  (If it is someone else’s rule and I think it is dumb, that’s another story.)  So I told her it wasn’t happening.  I know.  a little harsh.  Why are girls so mean to each other?  And also, I fell asleep watching the movie.

I am trying to learn from my mistakes.  I tell my kids to always draw your circle wider.  Include the people who don’t fit in, that annoy you, that maybe are even mean.  Bless those that curse you.  Love, love love.  That is, after all, the point of Valentine’s Day, right?  And also, watch movies in the late afternoon…you’re I’m more likely to stay awake that way.

Ok.  So whether you are single or have a special someone, we can all enjoy a good romantic comedy.  My husband and I looked at our movie collection and here are our top ten (five for me and five for him).  I made a rule (see there I go again) that I could veto a movie of his if I didn’t think it fit.  This is a good rule–trust me, I knew what I was doing.  His first question was, “Would you consider Gladiator a romantic comedy?”  dork.


William's romcomsMine:

Rachel's romcomsimportant notes:

1.  We really do own Dan in Real Life–it is just loaned out at the moment.

2.  Yes, that is a VHS of Notting Hill.

3.  The version of Sabrina is the original with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.  (William prefers the newer version with Harrison Ford.  This could be the debate of the century.)

4.  Obviously, we were meant to be since we both picked Return to Me as our #1.

5.  Finally–what are your top 5 favorite rom com movies?


6 thoughts on “Romantic Comedy

    • so not true. it is just so funny. I love all the sarcastic comments the old guys make at each other.
      Why do people love Why You were Sleeping so much? I can’t figure it out.

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