Top Ten Best Picture

The Academy Awards were this past weekend. I love watching award shows…and trying to see if my favorites win. I’ll admit my favorite part is when the host makes fun of the people in the audience.  And I really like the song bits, too.  Of course, I usually haven’t heard of half of the movies or if I have heard of them, I haven’t had a chance to see them. Still it is fun to watch. Plus. There’s the pretty dresses.

So here is a top ten of Best Picture from past winners. I’m sticking to the same rules as I did with the romantic comedies: I’m picking five, William is picking five and they have to be from ones that we own. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because there are a couple of winners that I love but we no longer own them. womp womp.  Titanic and Chariots of Fire.  silent weeping/#needagiftideaformethereyouhaveitandbythewaywenowhavebluray

Nonetheless, here are our picks.


Rache's best picture#5: Ben-Hur–This movie won a total of 11 oscars which no movie even came close to until Titanic.  And it is a movie that includes Jesus and it is actually good.  oh how times have changed.

#4: The Sound of Music–the hills.  they are alive.  and am I the only one that wanted a dress made out of curtains when I was little?  And a really cool puppet stage?

#3: Gone with the Wind–just plain good.  plus, whenever I was pregnant with my kids I said at least once “I don’t know nuthin bout birthin babies!”  and yes.  once again.  that is a vhs.

#2: The King’s Speech–cleverly funny.  moving story.  colin firth.

#1: Casablanca–pretty much the best movie ever.  but you must love black and white classics.  watch it.  It will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


william's best picture

#5:  Rain Man–good.  and I’ll never look at a box of toothpicks the same again.

#4:  Rocky–classic.  my favorite part.  the song.

#3:  A Beautiful Mind–true story.  also good.

#2:  Gladiator–whatever.

#1:  Forrest Gump–you can’t go wrong with a movie that has a quote about a box of chocolates.

I teased my husband that all of his picks were such guy movies and he said, “well.  I’m a guy.”  I guess they aren’t all, really, but our choices are pretty different.  And so because I have to…I looked up the number of Oscars that each of our movies won.  And totaled them to see which of us has better taste in film.  Yes, I did.  William’s five picks won a total of 22 Oscars.  And my five picks won a total of 33 Oscars.  and so, I win.  yay!  Ok, I know no one cares.

And now, of course, I’m curious.  Which category of five resonates with you more?  Are you more of a Rachel movie watcher or a William movie watcher or are you like my first-born and would answer, “I like them all.”


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Picture

  1. I haven’t seen “Rocky”… well except a bit once… but the rest are good. “Ben Hur” is one of my all-time favourites but I’d have to have “Pride and Prejudice” in there (If you can count the Colin Firth series). Love “Sound of Music” and “Beautiful Mind”. “Casablanca” is great! Actually, I’d go along with all your choices and Billy’s, that I’ve seen. My top 5 would be “P&P” (Firth/Ehle), “Ben Hur”, “Singing in the Rain”, “The 10 Commandments” (Heston) and “Sound of Music”. There are quite a few runners up… “Fiddler on the Roof”, “An American in Paris”, “Martin Chuzzlewhit”, “Independence Day”, “The Majestic”, “The Truman Show”. Ugh, I’ll shut up now. Too hard to pick really.

    • well P&P didn’t win best picture so I couldn’t count it. Now if I was to do my top 5 favorite movies of all time…..well, that’s a whole different list 🙂

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