wedges run faster than blocks

The cub scout pinewood derby.  That’s how our family spent our Thursday evening.  Oh yes, we partied hard.

alexandemilyNow, I might have spent half of the time rolling my eyes, I’ll admit it.  Did you know how cheesy and over the top scout leaders can be?  They are very excited about their stuff.  But you know what?  That makes my eight year old boy excited, too.

And this year he got second place among the other Wolf cubs.  Don’t ask me to explain the lingo…I still get death stares and reprimanded whenever I call them boy scouts.  But anyway, my kid got a second place trophy.

ben and his trophyAnd since his dad and his brother and his sister (and yes, even his mom) watched and helped him work on this car for the past week, well, it made for one big happy family.  I love how happy my kids get for each other when they do well.

crazy famAnd we even did a little of hard hat work.

emilyAnd a little man talk.

big talkThey drag me to these boy scout cub scout events and I put up a good fight.  But in the end, I must say I’m pretty proud of this kid.

accepting the award And the bonding that happens between he and his dad can’t be beat.  Good job, boys!

the guys


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