Lunch For the People By the People

I decided to let the kids choose their lunch today in a very democratic style.  I wouldn’t vote them down and they each could have two picks.  This could have been a lot of chex mix and donuts, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised with what came home with us.

003And so that’s what we had for lunch today.  Maybe this will become another spring break tradition.  It is a lot less painful for all than swimsuits in the snow.  (and for anyone out of town that cares…the snow is all gone today.)


4 thoughts on “Lunch For the People By the People

    • I just think Emily wasn’t paying attention until we got to the fruit section. She was pretty excited about the muskmelon and LARGE bag of clementines. I normally buy apples and bananas because that’s what I like 🙂

    • ha! no that’s just how many we need to feed 4 people. Ben eats a lot. And so does Ben’s mom.
      We’d love to pick your lunch out for you tomorrow.

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