My Reads::April 2015

So April 2015.  It was kind of a full month.  My birthday month.  My daughter’s birthday month.  We spent a week in Michigan for a mini-vaca/attended my grandma’s memorial.  And so the books that I read?  They totaled two.  Two whopping books.  What happened?!  I will tell you……….

I got an iPhone for my birthday.  Major.  Time.  Suck.  That’s all.  That is the reason.

And I’m not sure May is going to be much better.  I am currently reading my third book and the month is almost over.  Although in all fairness, the book is 973 pages long.  So there’s that.

But back to April….here are the books that I read.  Again, all two of them.  In case you forgot.

april 2015Least Favorite:  I am the Messenger by Markus Szusak — He also wrote The Book Thief.  This book is Completely different but still enjoyable.  The story is centered around a guy who gets playing cards in the mail with addresses on them and he has to figure out how to “help” the people at these addresses.  A really intriguing story.  I liked it.  Had I read a third book, this probably would not have been my least favorite.

Most Favorite:  Little Bee by Chris Cleave — This was my book club book for this month.  It was told from the perspective of a young girl from Nigeria who is a refugee in Great Britain.  A really heart breaking story, but if you’ve known me for longer than 4 minutes, you’ll know that if the story has British characters, I’m probably going to like it.  And, of course, Little Bee is completely captivating.

That was easy! What did you read last month?


2 thoughts on “My Reads::April 2015

  1. Depending on if you want a happy ending or not, would influence my recommendation on which one to start with…..but they’re both worth reading ☺️

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