My Reads::May 2015

may 2015I’m a little behind, obviously, since June is almost over and I’m just getting around to the books I read in May.  I think it is normal for blogging to slow down in the summer but I promise that I’m still here!  I’m trying to enjoy what feels like a “last” in this season of life since when school starts up in the fall my baby will be going along with her brothers.  It is nice to just slow down, sleep in and not rush…isn’t that the definition of summer?

The books I read in May:

1. The Sound of My Voice by Jo Kadlecek::I bought this at a friend’s garage sale so that I’d have something to read in the car pick up line back when the boys were still in school.  It tells the story of a pastor’s daughter who moves to New York to be a writer/actor and the conflict that brings between her and her father.  It was an easy read and enjoyable.

2. Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt::This was recommended to me by a librarian after I talked about how much I loved his other books (Wednesday Wars and Lizzie Bright).  I definitely enjoyed this one, but I still liked the other two that I’ve read better.  This book was a sequel of sorts to Wednesday Wars.  It was more of a spin-off story as it took a secondary character and expanded on his life.  If you’ve never read a book by Schmidt, you are missing out.  I’m an official fan of his writings.

3.  Night Road by Kristin Hannah::This book was our book club pick of the month.  It was an easy read and an interesting plot about twins in high school, a girl they both befriend, and then what happens to family after tragedy strikes.  The consensus of those at book club was that we were frustrated by the story and it was sad to see when people are unable to forgive and have no hope.  I usually enjoy Kristin Hannah’s books, although this one wasn’t my favorite.

4.  The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion::First things first…I feel as if I’m always misspelling this author’s name.  That is my only critique of this book.  I loved it.  It combined all of the aspects that I love–science, a love story, quirky characters.  The story is told from the perspective of a genetics professor who has decided to hunt for the perfect wife.  He has very scientific methods but when he meets Rosie she definitely skews his data.  She, obviously, isn’t the wife for him but she is looking for her biological father and that’s an experiment he can’t turn down.  What results is proof that dating is more about relationship and the heart than it is about data.  I loved this story.

So to sum up!

Least Favorite::The Sound of My Voice–but don’t turn it down if you’re looking for an easy read in Christian fiction.

Most Favorite::The Rosie Project–read it read it read it!!!

Any must-reads that you could recommend?


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