Friday Fun

Dubsmash:  This app has taken over our household.  Thanks Bekah.

*sidenote*  There are two types of people that participate.  Those who want to see themselves being filmed and those who just want you to film them.  I’ll let you guess which one this girl is…


Reading:  A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny

a fatal grace

This is the second book in the Inspector Gamache series.  A good series is perfect for winter reading.

Listening:  all the podcasts all the time.  If you love Downton Abbey, check out the Masterpiece Studio podcast.

A new episode comes out every Monday.  They talk about Sunday’s tv episode and they interview the actors. It is perfectly lovely.

Watching:  Arrow on Netflix.  I marathoned through The Flash like a champ but there was only one season!  Arrow has three so that should hold me for a good week or so 🙂

And also, Car Karaoke with James Corden on Youtube.  I’ve watched them all and want to go on a road trip, like, yesterday.  I told my husband that we should take the kids on a road trip this summer.  It would be so much fun!  And then we drove an hour to Muncie on Sunday and the noise about killed me.  #realitybites

I’ll leave you with this…Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!




3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Great post. I can’t get over that video of Emily. She should def do more to share with us all.

    Question…are you actually watching Downton or just doing the podcast?! I decided not to watch this season, but that podcast is tempting me so I can kinda stay up to date.

    That Who’s on First is HILARIOUS!

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