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I was listening to the podcast Around the Table and they did an episode where they talked about what they have been reading, watching, listening and following…..uh, that’d make a fun blog post to start back up and let you know what’d I’d been up to lately.  Obviously besides listening to podcasts.

also.  my friend is getting married in 54 days and and her shower is in 19 days.  And she’s moving to Canada! So there’s stuff for that.


Ridding my house of fruit flies. I’m currently using something in the kitchen that states to Not use in the kitchen and not to use it where people are going to be living for the next four months.  But it was recommended by a friend and I’m desperate.

Mom Life….gifts and parties.


My baby started kindergarten.  So I’m helping out at the school a lot.


I decided to run a 10K.  Training for that….that’s in two weeks.  Ack!


And I’m doing a craft fair in the middle of October.  Because why not?

Oh and I got the exciting news that I’m going on a trip in April.  To Holland and Belgium!  You know what they have a lot of in Holland, right?  TULIPS!!!  And Belgium has reaaaaallllly good chocolate.  #dreamtrip

So life is full.  And good. It can get stressful…but today is a good day 🙂

Ok here we go–Read Watch Listen Follow.

Read:  Simply Tuesday and, hopefully, this afternoon Go Set a Watchman…I’m nervously excited to read it.  I just need to decide for myself if all the hype is hype or not.  Simply Tuesday is wonderful.  Emily Freeman has a way with words that I am in awe of.


“My part is not feeding five thousand men. My part is giving my lunch to Jesus.”

Watch:  I just finished Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  #timriggins  I was watching this series with my husband, but then I watched one episode while the kids were at school and the next thing I knew I was confessing to him that I was on the last episode (3 seasons later).  So ashamed not ashamed. Stuff gets in my head and during group prayer at Mom Life this morning, my friend prayed that we would have open hearts.  When she said Amen, I felt like we all needed to shout ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!’.  So maybe I have issues.

Listen: so many podcasts.  A favorite:  Sorta Awesome with Megan Tietz.

Follow:  Jess Connolly on Periscope and janeaustenhumor on instagram

What have you been doing?


Choosing Joy

My friend, Laura, spoke at my moms’ group this morning on ways to choose joy no matter the circumstances in your life. At the end of her talk, she told us to ask those around us–“Am I a joyful person?”

We went around in my small group and one of us said that, yes, she was a ‘Pollyanna’ and two of the girls weren’t sure but we thought they were and the rest of us said we were more ‘realists’.

So while making supper this evening, this is the conversation I had with my husband.

“Would you say that I am a joyful person?”
“No, not really.”

“Well, would you say that I am a happy person?
“Yes, most of the time.”

“Can you name anyone that you would consider joyful?”
“Laura Leichty and Dana Hoopingarner.”

“Oh yes, I agree.  Would you say Rachel or Steph are joyful?”
“Well I guess there is a sliding scale.”

“Right. No one can really compare to Dana.  What about Joy M.?”
“Yeah, I don’t know her very well but she seems to be the type of person who is happy and wants to tell everybody about it.”

“That’s the thing then, isn’t it? I’m happy. I just don’t necessarily want to tell anyone.  Would you say my  mom is joyful?”
“Your mom is just loud.”  (we love you mom! :)….)

“Can I put this conversation on facebook?”
“I don’t care.”

Don’t you just love the joyful people in your life?  Even those that are on a “sliding scale” 🙂  What about you?  Do you consider yourself a joyful person?

Summer Picture Explosion

Since it is fall and before it becomes winter, here are some of my favorite pictures from this past summer and start of the school year.  all unedited.  because, really, I’m no photographer.  And no amount of time on picmonkey is going to make you think otherwise.

needtobreathe concert.  such a good time.004

boy scout day camp.  I went a couple of days.  It made me want to be a boy scout.  I may have partook in the bb shooting contest.015

 obligatory photo at the zoo.004

foam party.  fun was had by all some.


tball trophies.  no they didn’t “win”.  But those smiles deserve some sort of prize, right?003004

hanging out at cousin allie’s wedding shower.010

Fun at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  We walked through these no less than 10 times.  but we did it very slowly.  so they couldn’t yell at us.019

THE BEACH!  oh how I miss it.  it is almost too painful.019

we visited an ice cream parlour whle on vacation.  i agree wholeheartedly with this saying that was flying above our heads.  truer words have never been written.039

the boys at the kids’ triathlon.  ben really improved his time this year.  so proud of them both.013

Ben turned 8.002

Ben and his buddies on his birthday.015

My niece’s wedding.  The kids clean up pretty well.010

oh em.020

school started far too soon!008

Emily didn’t like that she had to wait a few weeks after the boys to go to school.  The first day brought pure delight to her face.008

Alex turned 6!003

he celebrated at the bowling alley with some friends and family.012

we read close to 100 books in two days so that emily could ride in the street fair parade.  during the parade someone in the crowd cried out, “there go the smart kids!”  I replied, “Nope just a bunch of overachieving parents!”006

em’s favorite ride.022

the ride that i forced my children to ride without me (b/c I hate it).  they all begged to go again.012

And so farewell summer of 2014.  It was a great one!

Learning Something New Every Day

I learned two new things today.

1. When typing on the computer you’re only supposed to put one space in between sentences. What?! I guess my blog theme corrects this for me because I always use two spaces (because of learning to type on the typewriter–yes, that makes me officially ancient). Am I the last person on the earth to know of this rule??!

2. The second thing I learned after googling everyday vs. every day when I wrote the blog post title. In case you were wondering, everday is an adjective (my everyday fork) and every day means each day.

Random. Please–share what new knowledge you’ve learned today.

Back 2 Blogging and if ya wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change.

I guess I’ve taken an unintentional break from this blog this summer. I have missed it and plan to get back to regular posts. My baby starts preschool next week and that will mean all three kids are in school. I also had a couple of large events on my plate and one has passed and one will take place next week and so after that I think I might be able to catch a breath. Or at least I hope so!

Right now I am making an ice cream cone garland out of honeycomb balls and construction paper. I found the idea here. I usually read articles online or watch tv/movies while I craft. I came across this couple on youtube and I’m obsessed with all of their videos.  So I thought I would share one 🙂