spring has sprung….or has it?

My kids are out of school this week for spring break.  Last week we had lovely mild spring weather.  They were able to come home from school and go outside and play.  This past weekend we had a ton of fun visiting with friends and they played outside almost the whole day Saturday.

And then Monday hits about midday it started to snow.  Welcome to crazy weather town.  A few years ago during spring break it snowed (I don’t know why we were surprised when it happened again)….(maybe we were more disgusted than surprised)….anyway, I took a picture of my kids out in the snow in their swimsuits.

Here are the pictures from 2013:

015But happiness can turn on a dime…

017And so this year when I showed a picture of my snowy yard to Bekah, she said I should take their pictures again.  And it took a little convincing but the kids agreed to do it.

This time little miss em started out unhappy and then changed her mind.  Take a look:

012After jumping up and down and crying and running inside she then ran back outside and said, “It’s not so bad!”

015And I couldn’t resist taking a little video, too 🙂

So until we decide to head to a warmer climate during spring break, this may just end up being a family tradition.  Alex said next time he’d video tape me out in the snow.  I just laughed at him.

Do you have any fun family traditions?